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Eric Ehrke – LCSW, LMFT

414-278-7980 ext. 101

Please note: My last working day at Therapies East Associates will be Tuesday, March 20th. Beginning May 1st, I will moving to The Ommani Center in Pewaukee, WI. You can continue to reach me by email ( or leave a voicemail at my Therapies East Associates extension (414-278-7980  ext. 101). I prefer clients call The Ommani Center and leave a voicemail for me there first, but it may not be set up until the end of April. The secretaries at the Ommani Center will be able to schedule appointments. Here is the contact information for The Ommani Center:

The Ommani Center
1166 Quail Court, Suite 210
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Eric Ehrke LCSW, LMFT received his undergraduate degree in psychology and masters in clinical social work at Ohio State University. He worked in psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment programs before starting his private practice. Since joining Therapies East Associates thirty years ago he’s taught relationship skills courses and offered Mind/Body/Spirit healing seminars. He has the ability to draw on Western, Eastern and Spiritual traditions to tailor his approach to the specific needs of each client.

The following perspectives provide a window to his treatment philosophies. Positive intentions inform behavior and unmet needs, wants and desires initiate strategies that occasionally go south. When problems occur, creating a new plan and exploring blocks are effective. Shaming, blaming and engaging in the victim/perpetrator paradigm merely recycle suffering. Behavior, emotion and intellect form a three legged-stool. When our actions, heartfelt passion and mind work together in complete harmony, dreams come true. When the goals of our three-legged stool are intended for the greatest good, our soul lends support. The therapeutic process needs to be gentle, loving and empowering. Then clients remember and can access incorruptible creative powers, when times get rough.

Western, Eastern and Spiritual wisdom traditions provide enduring information about love and happiness so he spent twelve years as a student and faculty of a four-year Mind/Body/Spirit transformation school. A graduate of the Family Institute of Northwestern University he embraces traditional psychotherapy and systems theory but also can merge complimentary/spiritual approaches to universal problems. He’s recently written a book about the nature of true happiness. Henosis: An Exploration in Psychology, Literature and Philosophy on How We Can More Fully Love, Empathize and Transcend the Challenges of our Human Experiences offers tools and practical insights about love, illusion and how we can reach our full potential. The book website is at 

For example, his Somatic Empathy Theory, Somatic Assessment tools and protection/cleansing strategies have helped highly sensitive clients understand their mood swings, depressive symptoms and immune disorders. Sometimes symptoms are caused from absorbed emotion form others. The following definition comes from my book:

…Somatic Empathy Theory states that emotional energy moves between people and attaches to us like lint on Velcro. When we scan the environment for accurate information for safety and security considerations, ambient emotional energy is absorbed into our physical body. These automatic transfers occur with or without our awareness due to mirror neurons and universal nature related to our human empathic abilities. Everyone is born empathically connected to another’s felt experience unless circumstances interfere or enhance our somatic empathy.   

         Finding practical solutions to life’s problems and helping clients discover the nature of true happiness gets him out of bed every morning.


  • Growth and wellness
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma/PTSD recovery
  • Addictions
  • Pre-marriage/commitment preparation
  • Marriage/relationship issues
  • Sexuality/sexual questions Parenting/launching concern
  • Behavior/acting out problems
  • Divorce recovery and separation
  • Blended family concerns
  • Collaborative Divorce Coach
  • Stress management
  • Panic Disorder
  • Self-esteem building
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Spirituality and Mentoring
  • Occupational issues/stresses
  • Life transitions
  • Terminal and Chronic illness


  • Guided imagery and energy healing
  • Intimacy/relationship skill training
  • Prepare/enrich premarital facilitator
  • Licensed family and marital therapist
  • Collaborative divorce coach
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Dream analysis
  • Consultation and supervision
  • Mind/body/spirit integration
  • Spiritual training and mentoring


  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Families
  • LBGT
  • Spiritual seekers


• Energy Psychology

• Mind/Body/Spirit Integration

• Couples Counseling

Relationship Counseling [all types including gay and lesbian]

• Family Therapy

• Adolescent Therapy

• Meditation, Healing

• Mentoring Training

• Collaborative Divorce


Please print and fill out forms completely and bring to your initial appointment. Click on Each Form Name Below to View/Download:

 Adult Forms:

Information Form for Adults
Adult Health and Psychosocial History Questionnaire
Adult Consent to treatment and fee agreement
TEA – HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices
TEA HIPPA Acknowledgement Form

Children & Adolescent Forms:

Information Form for Children/Adolescent
Child and Adolescent Health and Psychosocial Assessment
Child Consent to treatment and fee agreement
TEA – HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices
TEA HIPPA Acknowledgement Form

If you intend to use insurance for your treatment, please contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment and include your insurance information on the information form.

Insurance I accept:  Anthem, BlueCross BlueShield Humana, Medicare, WEA