Joan Felski – MSN, CS

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Joan Felski has worked extensively with children, adolescents and their families for more than 20 years.  Her work includes children and adolescents with depression, anxiety, mood disorder, grief issues, ADHD, divorce issues and traumatic experiences.  Joan also works with adults with depression and anxiety.  Joan enjoys working with young adult women.  Her approach is to enhance and develop strengths within a safe and nurturing environment.  Joan provides a variety of interventions to facilitate understanding of the child/adolescents struggles, strengths and needs and subsequently help the family system to promote healthy change and growth.

Joan has been providing outpatient therapy for over 20 years, and works with children, adolescents, families and adults, particularly women. She sees her role of psychotherapist as that of an empathic guide in the process of growth, healing and healthy changes. Her belief is that every individual and family system possesses the ability to bring into awareness, and to develop, the skills to live and interact in a meaningful and satisfying way.

When a child is in emotional and physical pain, and acting out this distress, the family suffers as well. Joan’s compassionate and playful nature allows the child/adolescent and family to engage in the process of healing troubling emotions and problematic behaviors. Through a greater understanding of the child/adolescent struggles, needs and strengths, Joan assists the individual and family to bring about effective changes and healthy growth at home, school and in social interactions.

Joan deeply respects the unique challenges women face at various times in their lives. Her work involves providing a safe place for women to more fully develop a healthy and loving relationship with herself, as well as a greater understanding of her needs. Joan’s approach is to help women discover the steps to alleviate the suffering brought on by depression, anxiety, life transitions, and stressors, and create a more satisfying lifestyle.

Approaches used by Joan include play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, insight oriented therapy, EMDR, and guided imagery.

She addresses needs related to depression, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, grief issues, divorce issues, and traumatic experiences among others.


  • ADHD
  • Mood Disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Adjustment Issues
  • Women’s Issues
  • EMDR
  • Play therapy


Please print and fill out forms completely and bring to your initial appointment. Click on Each Form Name Below to View/Download:

 Adult Forms:

Information Form for Adults
Adult Health and Psychosocial History Questionnaire
Adult Consent to treatment and fee agreement
TEA – HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices
TEA HIPPA Acknowledgement Form
TEA HIPPA Electronic Information Consent Form

Children & Adolescent Forms:

Information Form for Children/Adolescent
Child and Adolescent Health and Psychosocial Assessment
Child Consent to treatment and fee agreement
TEA – HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices
TEA HIPPA Acknowledgement Form
TEA HIPPA Electronic Information Consent Form

If you intend to use insurance for your treatment, please contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment and include your insurance information on the information form.

Insurance options I accept:  Anthem, BlueCross BlueShield, Trilogy/Partners in Behavioral Health, Humana, United Healthcare, Value Options, WEA