John R. Gielow – MA, PsyD

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Welcome to my web page.  I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with a wide spectrum of emotional conditions that stem from relational and environmental stress. My therapeutic style is interactive, engaging, and collaborative.  I believe that many problems that people have are due to their reliance on past coping skills that are no longer functional.  I assist in identifying these current inefficient ways of functioning and then help discover more adaptive coping skills.

I believe that both the body and the mind are programmed to be self-healing, but that often life events or trauma gets in the way. Sometimes verbal interventions are not enough and in such cases I utilize experiential and neural processing techniques to assist in healing. These include modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, Comprehensive Resource Model Therapy, Heartmath, Audio Visual Entrainment Therapy among others.  I also provide interventions for relationships and families.

I have been trained at Northwestern University and University of Denver School of Professional Psychology. I am a member of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, and the EMDR International Association. If you have any questions about my approach or would like to arrange a consultation, you may reach me at 414-278-7980 x 110 or at


• Anxiety

• Depression

• Interpersonal Conflict / Relationship Transitions


• Heart Math

• Brain Wave Entrainment

• Comprehensive Resource Model therapy

• Collaborative Divorce


I accept self-pay and “out of network insurance.”

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